The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Album Premiere: Listen To 'Bring Us Together' ]

YAY! Friends in the US, we got some exciting news! Billboard are doing an exclusive pre-stream of our new album ‘Bring Us Together’ which is released next week Tuesday on Sep 16th. You can listen to the full album from today, on Billboard only. Sorry the stream is only available for those of you in the US for now. You can pre-order the album on iTunes and you get an instant download of the Single ‘My Club’ as well. See you soon for shows in the US! //AGT

M u s i c V i d e o - MY CLUB 

The official music video for our new Single ‘My Club’ is OUT NOW! Directed by Ryan Staake @pompandclout, who’s also been working with artists like @Diplo and @MajorLazer. We had a lot of fun playing around on green screen with blue stuff. Go for it right here.

Our new album ‘Bring Us Together’ will be released worldwide on Sep 15th!

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